Virtual Christmas. How to make a celebration without neglecting your health.

Soon, the vaccine against Covid-19 will be available. However, until then, we need to take care of our health and take care of those we love. And this protection goes through the holidays. Is it possible to have joy, even in isolation? Is it possible to gather people safely? Let’s give you some tips on how you can maintain the festive mood and health at the same time.

Our new Christmas.

Christmas is joy and fraternization with friends, family and the people in our work. Where we hug and want to be hugged. But the pandemic has changed that scenario. Which does not mean that we can also be close to those we love, but in a virtual way. A simple idea is to set up a video conference with friends. Each in their home but connected.
Another efficient way to send wishes for happy holidays is to send the old, but always exciting, Christmas cards. So, even at a distance, your emotion will always be close.

Another way of giving.

Even the exchange of gifts is different this year. In addition to clothes, toys, electronics and even decorative objects, you can actively participate in other people’s Christmas dinner, sending baskets of wine and even full menus of renowned restaurants to someone’s home. A simple and delicious way to wish happy holidays.

Family gatherings.

As recommended by experts, we should avoid contact and meetings as much as possible. But what if it is inevitable? Remember: if you go to visit someone, do a Covid test beforehand to detect the risk.
Also take all hygiene rules like wearing masks, disinfecting your hands and shoes with gel alcohol and keeping a safe distance.
If you are to receive visits, ask for the same precautions. Now, the important thing is to avoid contagion and worsening of the disease.

As a last precaution, remember: as much as the lack of friends and family members is great, it is everyone’s responsibility to protect themselves. So, if possible, stay at home. Soon, we will be able to be together again.

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