Sustainable Christmas. How to protect the planet and make your home more beautiful.

Natal sustentável

The time has come to decorate the house, put lights on, make everything cozier and more different. But we at Entreparedes are proposing a challenge: how about making Christmas decoration more sustainable? Therefore, we will present several ideas that will bring more beauty and magic to your home without harming the environment.

Much more than a tree.

The biggest symbol of Christmas decoration, the tree, is one of the main focuses of sustainable ideas. And the first one is also a good deed. The Volunteer Firefighters annually carry out the Pinheiro Bombeiro program. They are pine trees cut from the woods, to prevent fires, and made available for rent, to be the Christmas tree in your home. A portion of the income goes to the purchase of equipment. This year, there is also one more attraction, you can also purchase the solidarity ornaments. The firefighters are being sold in different parts of the country or through the institution’s website.

Another way to be environmentally friendly is to choose trees that you own in your own home. Many of the residences offered by Entreparedes on its website, Entreparedes.pt, have a garden with the most varied types of trees and plants. Choose, then, to decorate this external area, leaving not only your home, but the most beautiful neighborhood.

Customize your ornaments.

Just look at decoration websites to see an infinite amount of balls, ornaments, lights, etc. However, what makes Christmas interesting is to show, through details, the personality of your family. And a great way to do that is through Christmas ornaments. Instead of buying a garland, for example, make your own. And if you have children or live with children, everything can be even more fun.
Another option is to opt for vintage: choose Christmas pieces that have been part of your family for years. In addition to be a trend, it helps us get closer to those we love. Especially in times of pandemic.

Light up hope.

Now, another symbol that cannot be left out is the Christmas lights. And they, too, can have a sustainable touch. Choose economic or led lights. There are smart models, which can be controlled remotely. Always light them at night to avoid unnecessary energy expenditure and check the connections between them routinely, to avoid accidents.
If you want to save even more, momentarily replace the lights in the room with smart bulbs that change colors. Thus, the Christmas spirit and beauty will be the best gift of that Christmas.

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