Gift ideas for the home and those you love.

Telecommuting , more time at home and on the internet. Christmas may have changed, but the desire to give gifts to friends and family has not. And, therefore, we will give you tips on how to make the right choice, delight and still maintain social distance.

For the house and for those who live in it.

We have never spent so much time inside our homes. And so, periodically transforming it is a chance to change the scenery without moving. This year, therefore, giving gifts that refer to the decoration is a right choice.

  • Picture frames: simple and with the most varied options, the picture frames are also an affective gift. You can put a special photo and send it to someone.
  • Table s Prints: always an option interesting and fun. Just remember to check if your gift will match the current home decor.

The taste of a feeling.

As already mentioned in the Entreparedes Blog , this year, a great way to give a gift is to offer products related to gastronomy: cookies, bread and wine baskets and even cheese and olive oil tasting kits. But this is not the only way to relate gifts to a good supper.

  • Full dinners: some restaurant delivery apps offer the option for you to present someone with a special dish. A great idea for families who are away from the pandemic.
  • Kitchen utensils: pots, cutlery and even some appliances can be an ideal way to give gifts to those who learned to cook during the pandemic.

The power of craftsmanship.

A different option than anything else that runs away from any option found in stores are special handmade products. As they are made by hand, they can be personalized, which makes the emotional burden even greater and the gift, with many more meanings.
Now, it’s choosing the style of who you are going to gift and enchant this Christmas.

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