Elderly and children. How to make your home safer for everyone.

At first glance, they are opposites. However, childhood and old age have several similarities. And, the main one, when it comes to housing, is the security necessary to make children and grandparents have more space, joy and quality of life.
Therefore, we will give you important tips on how to adapt your home to the needs of these very special age groups.

Simplicity and efficiency.

Many people look for new homes when the family grows or when they reach a certain age, many of these properties you can see on our website (www.entreparedes.pt). But, despite demanding a lot of attention to details, making your home safer for children and the elderly, it is not always something complicated or that will generate a lot of cost.
Simple changes of objects or the exchange of furniture from one place to another, already make a huge difference. For example: changing carpets for non-slip materials can prevent falls, putting on plug protectors can protect your children from electrical discharges.
However, there are rooms that require a little more attention: bathrooms and kitchens should be thoroughly inspected.

Follow these tips:

One of the biggest points of attention is the stairs. Therefore, for children, always place security gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. For the elderly, on the other hand, choose handrails that offer better support.

In the bedrooms, attention should be paid to carpets and also to the bed: safety bars can prevent falling for the best and for the elderly. Installing bars for the elderly to get up offers more security and autonomy.

In the bathroom care must be greater. Everything must be done to prevent the elderly from falling and to protect the little ones. Installing safety bars, placing doors with easy unlocking and even adapting the size of the sink, gives more care. In the case of children, depending on their age, bathtubs should be avoided to protect them from drowning.

In the kitchen, if you have children in your family, choose stoves with anti-flame lock. Store all sharp objects, such as knives, on top and remove cleaning products as well. Keeping some lockers with keys also helps with security. For the elderly, the important thing is to have everything in hand: facilitate access to everyday cutlery and choose dishes and glasses that do not break easily.

So your whole family can enjoy your home much more.

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