Another way to fight the heat.

Mulher abrindo a janela

Summer is already over. But temperatures are still high. What is an invitation to outdoor walks, walks by the sea and moments of reflection in the middle of the green. But at some point, you will have to go home. If, even with the countless real estate options on the Entreparedes (https://blog.entreparedes.pt/en_gb/) website, moving house is not an option, here’s how to ease the feeling of warmth and also make the decor even more beautiful.

Another summer tone.

It may seem strange, but changing the color of the walls can really delight the feeling of freshness and peace. Some paints on the market even have thermal insulation.
But if the conventional options are your case, remember: dark colors tend to retain heat and, therefore, are not as suitable.
Light colors tend to dissipate heat, but to do this, you must also pay attention to the tone used. Vibrant colors, like yellow, orange and red, can bring an even hotter thermal sensation. Prefer cooler colors, such as blue and green tones.

Open new paths.

During social isolation, experts recommended opening the windows to circulate the air around the environment. Although we are already living together, this tip can be adopted whenever possible.
With the air circulating the freshness within an environment, the bedroom and living room tend to be much larger.

Brighten up your summer.

We have already talked about some articles right here on the blog, lighting is a fundamental part of the decoration. Replacing a yellow light bulb with a white light bulb can bring about a noticeable difference in temperature.
So think and plan: which room can receive new lighting to make it more pleasant and inviting?

Invest in plants.

A home is an ecosystem like our planet: nature, in balance, makes the climate milder. And, therefore, invest in creating small green areas inside the house. Places like the living room can be a great idea.
Stay tuned, just which species are easier to adapt to indoor environments.

For summer to be even more summer.

Do you have an external area? Enjoy: see the feasibility of placing a pool, even if temporary, or a large shower in the garden. So, in addition to easing the heat, your end of summer will be even more fun.

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