After the Home Office, the new school. How to prepare the house to study with the children.

Just a little pause, a glimpse of relief for society, that Portugal, or perhaps the world, will have to face the second wave of Covid-19. And that implies a new restructuring, with services, commerce and even schools closed. But, after preparing for the home office, how to do the same and take the children’s school into your home? That is what we are going to show in this special article.

Keeping the differences.

Meetings, quiet rooms, productivity. In the home office everything is done to increase your concentration and make you have as much productivity as in an office or conventional job. However, when it comes to children and studies, the situation may be a little different: in addition to the focus, the place and its decoration itself, should stimulate the intellect and encourage autonomy. And, balancing these two sides of the scale cannot always be simple.
If, on the one hand, the environment should make the child interested in studies, on the other hand, everything should be more thought so that there is safety, but leaving everything at hand to allow the development of motor and emotional skills.
In children with a little bit of age and teenagers, the place must, above all, avoid distractions, so characteristic at this stage of development.

Before classes, a study.

Many Entreparedes properties (www.entreparedes.pt/en-gb), whether for lease or purchase, already have spaces or rooms for the creation of a home office. But if you don’t initially think about moving, analyzing your current home can be an efficient and smart solution.
First, choose a place that your child feels good about: the living room or the bedroom itself. Or else, a place where she can spend a few minutes studying, but which is also comfortable to always count on the help of an adult.
Then it’s thinking, or rethinking, of the basics: what does the child need to learn? What is the study material? Does it need a lot of space? Will you need to keep papers or folders? Everything should be analyzed to organize your home and the children’s routine.
Finally, the furniture: it is essential for your children to have a beautiful and creative place. Always think about children’s well-being and long-term possibilities: how to include furniture in the daily life of the home after the face-to-face classes return, or objects that accompany the growth of children. So, your routine will get the maximum grade.

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