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Porto Portugal

A few years ago, Portugal became the favorite destination for tourists from all over the world: security, stability, strong economy, nature, hospitality. We could enumerate countless reasons.
However, some cities won a captive place in the hearts of tourists, some even became residents. And Porto, for sure, is among them. Whether for gastronomy, culture or proximity to the beaches, this city has become an excellent business for visitors, residents and even investors.

Where life has more flavor.

Porto has countless attractions, but the city has a strand known to everyone in Portugal: gastronomy. Characteristic flavors and the union between land and sea made the city always welcome, with open arms, everyone who was interested in a trip to the most authentic flavors of Portugal.
But this characteristic is taking a new form: in addition to people, the region, annually, has been attracting companies and fairs specialized in offering gastronomy as a cultural and tourist attraction. One of the most recent examples was the opening of the World of Wine, a cultural quarter dedicated to the history of wine and the most varied gastronomic experiences.

Past and present at every corner.

Walking through the streets of Porto is to be surprised by the union, in complete harmony, of the past and the future. Historic buildings can coexist in the same space as the most modern and imposing buildings.
Here the tourist can experience the tradition of the history of Portugal and witness its rebirth in the future. And this unique architectural feature is also reflected in the housing options. A closer look at the Entreparedes website, shows that newly built apartments and developments may have a similar value to retrofits (a modernization of historic buildings, however, maintaining their original characteristics), which became a trend in the city a few years ago.
And those who benefit from this peculiarity are investors in the real estate market. If you want to sell or rent your property, contact Entreparedes to guarantee the best deal and exclusive advantages.
Now, a curiosity: the most popular places to live in the city by tourists who want to live in Porto are: Bonfim, São Nicolau, Ribeira, Aldoar and Cedofeita.

Everything around you.

Another must-see facility for residents and visitors is facilitated urban mobility. You will always be just a few minutes from beautiful regions, and you can even make the journey a special part of the tour, such as taking a taxi boat to cross the city.
But that is not all, walking, to explore the historic region, is already considered essential for those who want to know the city better. And believe me, step by step, this is the path that takes the beauty of Porto to the lives of the millions of tourists who visit us every year.

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