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Moving in a new country. How to prepare your new life.

Um casal no meio de caixas de mudança

Any change brings a natural nervousness. A new house, a new neighbourhood, new people. But in certain situations, this feeling can be even greater: when you change countries. We see ourselves overnight in a new culture, with new challenges in sight. But know that, even with fear in the belly, this new phase can be even more interesting. Just a little planning. And you? Are you ready to pack?

A new (re)beginning.

Entreparedes Real Estate expert in real estate and advice to foreigners who want to invest to succeed the Golden Visa. Today, this experience can be transformed into advice to help many people who want to make Porto and Portugal their new address.

But first and foremost, defining the reason for change is already an important step in achieving stronger planning. For example, professionals of multinationals are usually already transferred with a residence chosen in advance by the company. But you must know your new neighbourhood. Search on the Internet, discover the main services, restaurants, supermarkets, schools, etc. Thus, it becomes easier to get used to a new environment.

But there is another group of people: those who decide to change countries and cities on their own account. Often, the person already knows the destination country. But do not make mistake: doing tourism in a country is very different than living there. Talk to people, if you have friends or if you know people in the country, ask for advice on the local culture, remove all your doubts about possible difficulties: whether for the language or in daily life itself.

A house for you.

Choosing a new address is also crucial to the success of change. And again, Entreparedes can help you and your family. With the Internet, you can choose your family’s new home by optimizing your time in search of a new environment. Houses, apartments, rentals or purchase: all settled in a few clicks, without great difficulty.

Practical and agile.

After having settled all the legal questions and the choice of the neighbourhood, it is up to the practical questions: what will you take with you in the new country and what will you leave? In addition, you must choose what goes with you on the plane or another means of transport and what will be delivered by a transporter.
This phase requires the most attention, because no detail can be forgotten. So, the main trick is: to make lists. Whether on computer or paper, write down everything you take, what will remain, list your favorite things and give those that will no longer be useful in your new country. Another important tip is to pack your belongings by room in the future home. In addition to facilitating storage, you will find everything more easily.

In addition to the stimulating and motivating effect, moving to another country is a chance to turn your big dreams into reality. So come and meet us and rely on our experience.

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