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Mulher fazendo Home Office

The routine of millions of Portuguese was based on the journey home-work-home. However, with social isolation, many companies adopted what was already a worldwide trend: the home office. But working remotely requires, among many issues, discipline and a comfortable environment for you to produce even more. Entreparedes will offer some tips to facilitate your new way of working.

New job. New home.

A more detailed search on our website, entreparedes.pt, is enough to observe that properties that have an environment dedicated to the creation of an office, library or study room are relatively prominent in the searches. These are T1 + 1, T2 + 1 and so on. Separating a room for the development of the professional or intellectual side is the first step towards the success of a productive routine. Researchers indicate that creating a routine to develop your work remotely, such as always starting at the same time or performing tasks always in the same space, helps with concentration and focus.

Details that make all the difference.

Another important tip is to pay attention to all the details, from furniture to lighting. Companies and offices have chairs and tables ergonomically designed for the well-being of their employees. And even the lighting is planned to avoid eye strain. Therefore, analyzing the purchase of comfortable chairs, tables with height adjustment and even smart lamps, help, in the short term, to maintain your health.

Avoid distractions.

The home office optimizes time, avoids unnecessary travel, helps to maintain quality of life. However, it also has pitfalls for its productivity: the series in the streaming service, the dog you want to play with, a new recipe for cooking, etc. The house itself is already a dangerous distraction that can diminish the attention the job requires.

To prevent this from happening, set times and turn off the television. Remove everything that might compromise your work from the viewing angle.

Time to time.

Working inside our homes, for many people, is still a novelty. And adapting to this new reality will not be a process that will happen quickly. We all need time to mix personal and professional routine. Even in a company, we have our short breaks to chat with a friend or look at our social networks. Try, throughout the day, to establish short breaks for a phone call or a coffee. That way, it will be easier to focus on work and on your life

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