Care in the cleaning of your home.

Pessoa cuidando da limpeza de casa

Life is gradually returning to normal. Whether in Porto or in other Portuguese cities, we see the resumption of trade and various other activities, including real estate. But despite the advances of science and control of all, we must always remain vigilant. And thinking even more about its protection, the team of Entreparedes Real Estate, have prepared several tips to make your home even more protected.

Quantity X quality.

There is no consensus on the frequency of cleaning. The frequency will vary according to the routine of each person. Do you go out a lot? Do you attend or work in places like hospitals or shops? To assess the degree of exposure helps to define the amount of hygiene needed.

Another important tip: places like living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms deserve even more attention. Because they’re usually the most frequented places in the house.

Stay tuned for products.

Choosing products correctly is as important as cleaning the environment itself. Give preference to bactericidal solutions that not damage surfaces such as floors, woods, metals and walls.

All the details count.

Every little detail must be taken into account when cleaning. Even those who usually don’t get our attention: door and window knobs and switches.

Objects such as remote controls and computer keyboards can also not go unnoticed

A breeze of fresh air.

Another important tip is to keep windows open as long as possible. This renews the air in your home and reduces the risk of contamination.

These are some attitudes that we can adopt in our routine to be even more safe and quiet. After all, we must all do our part to be even more protected.

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