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The importance of the online environment for the real estate market in the face of the pandemic.

In the past, almost every transaction in the real estate market, purchases, sales and leases, was done only in person. You needed to visit the property, talk to the professionals, sign papers, etc. But, with the internet and modernity, many of these steps have been forgotten and even modified. But how can the online world and applications make life easier or harder for those who want to buy or rent a home?

From virtual to real

On, there are more than 500 properties. All with photos, detailed descriptions, address information, differentials, value, etc. It takes just a few clicks to find a multitude of options, exactly as you wanted. Now, imagine looking for a property in the 80’s? Talk to people, ask friends or family who live in the desired neighborhood. Often, finding the perfect property was a matter of having, at the same time, luck and a wide network of contacts.
At this point, the internet is a facilitator, concentrating all information in one place. If before it was necessary to visit several different properties, now, a previous selection is enough to choose only the ones that please you the most.
And in times of isolation, such as today, the search for a new home does not need to be paused because of seclusion. Remotely, we can now search and find a perfect property.

Ease, also for those who want to sell

The internet has also revolutionized the lives of people who want to sell a property. This is because, performing the task of evaluating and pricing a good, such as a house or apartment, requires extensive experience and a lot of assertiveness to check data and obtain correct information.
However, currently, an email to Entreparedes consultants is enough to start the dialogue. In addition to all consultancy, you can count on the experience and transparency of those who have been in the market for years.
This also helps with your financial security: with a renowned company doing the intermediation, you can be more sure that you are doing a good business.

Not everything is so simple

Although it facilitates, you always have to be aware: when selling or buying a house, always choose renowned companies, this is your guarantee of good results. Before closing a deal, pay a visit to the property and compare the photos on the internet with the real ones. Remember: virtually or in person, we will always be by your side.

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