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Technology and the real estate sector: a new panorama.

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Over the years, the real estate market developed in the same way: real estate consultants showed the real estate personally, there was a huge bureaucracy of sending documents and, after a few weeks, the owner or tenant finally obtained the key of the property. But with technological development and the popularization of the internet and audiovisual resources, everything has changed rapidly. Today, for example, it is almost impossible not to look for your family’s new home on the Entreparedes page, or, if you are the owner, schedule the evaluation of your property directly through our site. The point is that technology has caused disruptions and advances and, believe, this is just the beginning.

Portugal, the country of the future?

In 2017, the report The State of European Tech, stated that Portugal was the second country in Europe with the largest increase in jobs in the technology sector. This number has a lot to say about the accelerated modernization process in our country. Cutting edge companies and professionals have driven not only the economy, but a social change that has also affected the real estate sector.

For example, agriculture and construction were the areas that employed the most, but in the past two decades, they are gradually losing importance. And all professionals, in some way, also need to change. Commercial consultants today, even if they have no experience, should use technology as an ally and as a persuasive tool. Companies in rapid growth, such as Entreparedes, are increasingly looking for talents connected with tomorrow.

Versatility is the future.

If the professionals had to adapt, the homes themselves also went through an update process. And the protagonists of this revolution were home appliances. Every day more advanced we see our routine directly from the palm of our hands: personal assistants who control the lighting and even turn on coffee makers, refrigerators with internet access, robot vacuum cleaners. Things that would have been really unimaginable a few years ago.

This technology has completely changed our housing experience. Today, modern houses are not just about architecture. Furnished houses and technological differentials, such as home automation, tend to be increasingly valued by families. With that, a new type of business is emerging.

Virtual purchases.

Even the purchase of real estate under construction has already taken a leap into the future. Simulations using augmented reality, increasingly realistic perspectives make it possible for the consumer to visualize and even visit his new apartment virtually. And, again, this changes the economy: instead of just engineers, architects and designers, also advertising professionals, film professionals and graphic artists use their talent to reinvent an entire economic segment and even our idea of ​​the present.

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