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Real Estate Market: crisis or opportunity?

Even in the most nebulous forecasts, people could not imagine an economic and social scenario like that of the year 2020. But now, with the beginning of the resumption, many investors and consumers question about the trends of the real estate market. Buy, rent, sell, invest? The panoramas are many and allow several possibilities. And we will list the best ones for you.

A change in behavior.

When you enter the Entreparedes website (, you will be able to see infinite real estate options. Houses, apartments, lofts and shops to rent or buy. And this, perhaps, is the first trend: consumers have changed.
With the pandemic, people have developed a new relationship with their own homes and are increasingly looking for comfort and practicality. Residential properties, with projects that allow residents to adapt to the new times, can be even more valued.

Location, which has always been a predominant factor for valuation, has now taken on new importance. Being close to nature and places that provide more quality of life are just as important as highly urbanized areas.

The reinvention of the sector.

All sectors of the economy, to a greater or lesser extent, had to adapt to the new era. And that includes trade. Due to seclusion, many shops, restaurants and bars had to suspend their activities. And with that, they needed to readjust the value of their leases, causing prices to momentarily decrease. But with the gradual resumption, we will be able, throughout 2021, to see the market in balance again.

Another probable trend is the possible valuation of spaces dedicated to logistics or stocks, after all, many companies are concentrating their commercial operations in a certain point of the country to facilitate and speed up the delivery of products.
In contrast, traditional offices may lose value due to increased remote work.

Portugal as the best address.

If on the one hand remote work can interfere with the value of commercial properties, on the other hand it can be an incredible ally for those who invest in residential properties.

As people and companies opted for the home office system, the mobility of professionals has become even greater, that is: people from anywhere in the world, but mainly from Europe can choose to live in Portugal, whether for security, climate and quality of life. life and continue exercising their profession in the country of origin. With this, opportunities for long-term and seasonal leases arise: if you want to know some options, just look at the Entreparedes website:

Good prospects are emerging.

Despite being only forecasts, the prospects are positive. The Portuguese market tends to recover significantly in 2021. All sectors will be able to find growth again, but with the resumption of activities and the control of the pandemic, opportunities will be increasingly visible and concrete for a different future, but still, promising.

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