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New directions in the real estate market: Will life be as it was before?

2020 was an atypical year in every way. Pandemic, restriction of movement of people, growth of the logistics market, new directions for the real estate sector. And, now that we face the new wave of COVID-19, what to expect from 2021? How will we react to the new year? To understand what awaits us, read this special article.

A life away from the centers.

From the United States to England, a trend seen on a world scale, was the flight from urban centers. With the confinement, families began to seek better infrastructure within their own homes.

Right here, in Entreparedes, among the countless properties, the most requested were those that have some kind of extra benefit: garden, large balconies, leisure space with swimming pool, etc.

But those who think that life in cities will decline are mistaken: the market is reheating and prices are accelerating, indicating a high demand.

Places like Porto have become increasingly desired because they combine beauty and special services. Here, you can enjoy the city without leaving your home.

A stock of possibilities.

With the growth in deliveries, the stores’ properties began to give way to the logistics warehouses. Broader commercial spaces, which include an area for public service and stock, have become even more in demand. And, with that, the possibility of developing other regions of the country was also expanded, taking logistics centers to other places, but maintaining public service within the city.

Exchanging the tourist visa for the citizen.

Obviously, with cities closed, tourism has suffered a major slowdown. But another scenario emerged: instead of just being visitors, people are looking to settle in Portugal.

Chinese, businesspeople from the Middle East and, mainly, our Brazilian brothers, have been looking for the Golden Visa, the citizenship visa through real estate investment.

This transformed the way of seeing and doing business. Now, Portuguese companies can and should expand their areas of operation, going far beyond the borders of our country.

New directions, too, for the economy.

Obviously, the traditional economy remains active, but other segments are growing even more: technology and connectivity have gained even greater importance.

In addition to the conventional telephone and internet network, the so-called “internet of things” will be even more important in our daily lives. Refrigerators connected to the market, personal assistants, Smart TVs and even lamps will be connected to your home and the world. Just like you will be. So enjoy: the future is already close.

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