The benefits of the second home.

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You have a comfortable home, in a privileged location, close to transport, parks and even leisure spots. But even so, he still spends a few minutes in his day researching other options for houses and apartments on the Entreparedes website, Know that, besides being very natural, having or investing in a second home is a way to guarantee income, tranquility and yet another lifestyle option for your family.

Everything the same, but different.

Families today have a different configuration than previous generations, and this social change directly influences our intention to buy a second home. It may be the desire to leave a legacy for the children, the possibility to invest to build a solid heritage, or, even in the future, to have a place to rest in peace, away from the hustle and bustle.
Whatever the intention, the fact is that we are constantly thinking about the comfort of our family. Many people, after they have children, want a bigger place, without necessarily giving up the previous property.
Another possibility is to look for a vacation or resting property, thinking exclusively about holidays or holidays. With the pandemic, however, many of these properties ended up becoming the royal residences and, the apartments and houses in the city, were closed until the end of the isolation.

Investing in tourism.

Porto is a city that receives a multitude of tourists every year. And, with the growth of Portugal’s popularity, this trend only tends to increase even more. So, looking for a property in the city is, in a way, investing in the tourism sector.
Vacation rental is already a huge success, often becoming a direct competitor to hotels. With this, having an apartment with short-term lease is to offer more attractions to visitors and the possibility of another income for your family.

But how to decide?

First of all, talk and ask: why are you thinking about your second home? When answering, you can at least have a guide on which way to go.
If, for example, the property is to acquire long-term equity, options for properties still under construction can be an advantage. Also, research on market trends and possible areas with expected appreciation.
If it is a property to spend the holidays, remember that you will need to put maintenance costs at the tip of the pencil while you are not inhabiting the place.
Finally, if you decide on a property for tourism, choose to look in more noble areas of the city.

But, for all options, look for Entreparedes. We will find the perfect property for you.

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