Resumption of the real estate sector. What to expect in the beginning?

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The pandemic has affected several sectors of the global economy. The recovery has also been varied: while some segments are recovering quickly, others will take a long time to return to normal. But what is the panorama for real estate investors? Is it time to buy, to rent? And most important: how to profit from it.

A fresh start.

For many economists, the initial forecast was rather pessimistic: more than 8% of the economy’s fall in 2020. And believe us, compared to other countries, these figures are still very positive. However, with the measures taken by the government and with greater control of Covid, Portugal has shown an excellent example of exceedance. The economy is expected to recover in 2021, with growth of up to 5%.

The new finds the winds blowing in its favour.

The good news does not stop there: the real estate market, since the recovery after isolation, already presented positive figures. A recovery, in some cities, that exceeds 20%.
In other words, investing in real estate remains a good option for those who want greater security.
And the recovery is also beneficial for those looking for a home: with a booming market, more builders are launching projects and there are a variety of offers for different types of buyers.

For someone who’s just visiting.

The economic recovery also benefits tourism. As Portugal is considered one of the safest countries, more and more tourists are interested in discovering our cities. This has a direct impact on tourism. In addition to hotels, the demand for seasonal housing is increasing exponentially, which can generate a new form of investment for the real estate market.

A new way of looking at the world.

With the new economic rearrangement, the opportunities tend to grow. And in this area, Entreparedes can help you. We have a multidisciplinary team that identifies, evaluates and provides advice to those who want more transparency and reliability when investing or moving.

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