Rental properties. A growing market.

The National Statistics Institute found that, compared to last semester, the number of lease contracts has grown. And this form of housing, which has pros and cons, is conquering the Portuguese for its ease and practicality. But, it can also be more bureaucratic. Therefore, we have prepared a special article for you.

Less cost. More practicality.

In recent years, the demand for rental properties has been growing. Just look at our website,, or talk to our consultants. And if, before, this modality was only an option for tourists and temporary visitors, now, this scenario is changing. With the pandemic and isolation, people saw the need to find bigger houses or else to supply the desire to travel. But without giving up your own property. And so, leasing contracts started to gain importance.

The advantages.

The main advantage of renting is practicality. The lease contracts have a term of validity, which makes it possible to live temporarily in a new home.
But, if you want to extend and the landlord accepts, just renew the document.
This facility, but with broad legal support, allows more agility without cost, after all, you will not need to buy a house to move.

The disadvantages.

However, leasing is not that simple: landlords can demand guarantees. And one of them, the guarantor, although not mandatory, is the one that most frightens the need to ask the other person to take responsibility for the payment in case something goes wrong.
To ensure the most complete transparency, always try to rent the property with a reputable company, such as Entreparedes, or, with the help of a lawyer to analyze the contract.

Negotiating is always the best option.

Another important tactic for renting the perfect property is demand and negotiation. Talk to our consultants, walk through the chosen neighborhood and, after finding the ideal house or apartment, negotiate the values.

Thus, it will be easier to live in the perfect place for your life. As long as you want.

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