Real estate income: a record during the pandemic.

Going against the grain, yield real estate was one of the economic sectors that grew most during the pandemic, 1,700 million euros. This value, until today, had never been reached. But what are the factors for this rise, and especially how you, who want to invest, can benefit from this moment?

A revolution is taking place.

Entreparedes is one of the most solid companies in the real estate segment. On our website (, you can see houses and apartments for purchase and rent. However, there are also commercial options: stores, offices and even entire buildings. And addresses not focused on housing were responsible for the rise in real estate investments.
Several companies, during social isolation, had to close their doors, mainly due to the option of remote work. Major investors took advantage of this opportunity to acquire other areas in the city.
Another sector that influenced investments was the logistics segment. With the isolation, the deliveries and, consequently, the storage of products gained a lot of importance. And, according to experts, this is not just a trend, but a reality. The companies then started looking for warehouses and areas close to urban centers to be distribution points throughout the country.

But how can you benefit?

So far, we have only talked about big investors. But and you? How can you choose to invest in the real estate market? There are several options: and the benefits can be in the medium or long term.
Who, for example, wants a quick income, can buy a property to rent for the season, a promising scenario that is winning over, mainly, young people and tourists.
A long-term option, to build equity, the purchase of apartments and houses still under construction, in areas that tend to appreciate. So, in the future, you will be able to sell or even live in your property.
A hybrid option is to buy a property to start your own business. The return, obviously, will depend on the success of your venture.

Enlist the help of experts.

Be it a commercial or residential property, count on the help of Entreparedes ( We have a team of specialists, ready to provide an excellent consultancy to realize your dream of housing or investment.

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