Portugal. Tradition in innovation.

Business people meeting.

Since the great sailing, Portugal has been at the head of the greatest cultural, social and economic innovations. Today, centuries later, the country is back in the spotlight and is already considered one of the strengths of the European Union. Recently, he moved to 6th position in the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) ranking and is now the twelfth most innovative in the block. But in practice, what does this really mean for businesses and professionals?

The first point is that the rise in the ranking shows the ability of the economy and professionals to adapt to new challenges by reinventing themselves. This scenario reflects Portugal’s potential to attract more investors, generating more income and jobs.

It also warms the real estate sector by favouring buyers and sellers of real estate and makes rentals even more attractive. For Entreparedes Real Estate, all the good news about the economy and competitiveness have the potential to positively heat up new business.

Another factor is the union of technology with strategy, which allowed the association between several companies for greater productivity. What is striking is that it is not just a feature of big business. Small and medium-sized enterprises have been very effective when it comes to innovation.

Whether in the past or today, Portugal is the place for those who want to be ahead of the market and in time.

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