Portugal: the new home for Brazilians.

Brasileira andando em portugal

Security, climate, opportunities, innovation and strong economy. Portugal does not have one, but rather, several factors that attract a multitude of foreigners. However, our Brazilian confreres are even more interested in exchanging the tropics for our country. And the reasons go far beyond what we presented at the beginning: unlike other nationalities, Brazil has a strong emotional bond with our land. And, apparently, it is getting stronger every day.

Back to new home.

Brazil was colonized by the Portuguese and for centuries, it was considered the land of opportunity: where, with a lot of work and perseverance, we could have a certain financial stability and enjoy the beach and tropical climate.
But, as the years went by and with globalization, the scenario changed: hundreds of Brazilians saw in Portugal the chance for a more peaceful and pleasant life.
And the path to this radical change in life and country, usually, is through the more conventional way: they come to visit and then take up residence. Some even claim dual citizenship because they are direct descendants, children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren of Portuguese.

The new way of housing.

But there is a new type of resident: the one who is looking for financial success. With the advancement of the Brazilian economy, a few years ago, many entrepreneurs are eagerly looking for new opportunities or expansion of their businesses and, therefore, Portugal becomes the strategic address: a gateway to the whole of Europe and, still, with possibility of expansion to Africa. For this new segment of residents from Brazil, Entreparedes offers all the infrastructure and consultancy for the acquisition of Golden visa: Obviously, in addition to the best residential and commercial properties.

Portugal beyond the capital.

Another important change in the profile of Brazilians was the choice of the city to live in. If before, the almost total concentration was in Lisbon, now there is a diversified profile.
This change is very beneficial, even, for investors in the real estate segment: with the increase in demand in various parts of the country, Porto and the neighboring cities gain relevance and allow an even more qualified return on investment.
But, regardless of the reason, the arrival of Brazilians, makes the market move, generates new opportunities and makes, like Brazil itself, the cities more warm and fun!

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