New consumption habits and how it affects the Portuguese real estate market.

Consumidora no mercado

The post-pandemic world is really different. Everyone, in some way, had to adapt to a new scenario and a new perspective. And even the Portuguese citizen has developed new habits that have completely changed their consumption of products, services, leisure and investments. What for some sectors can be a setback, for others, including real estate, can be a great advantage.

New standards. New life.

A few weeks ago, we had already talked, right here on the blog, about market trends And over time, what was just a perspective is becoming a certainty: consumption habits have changed and, even with the possibility of a vaccine, we will continue with this pattern for a long time to come. Example: hygiene products were in high demand in supermarkets, similarly to delivery services. Even without the need for confinement, receiving products, shopping and even meals without commuting is an advantage for people and professionals who lead a more busy life.

Live at home or be at home?

Staying at home lately has never been so positive. We rediscover habits, learn hobbies and enjoy the benefits of not having to face traffic or setbacks to work. This, believe me, will also be a scenario for the post-pandemic and, with that, the real estate market tends to come out much more favored.
Many families have relearned how to live together and, because of this, the demand for larger houses, more comfortable or with facilities, has grown. But this is not restricted only to those who wish to buy or lease for a long period. Seasonal rentals can also benefit: as professionals no longer need to be physically at their workplace, the mobility of spending different periods in different cities has also started to be an interesting point of view, especially for young people and foreigners looking for Portugal. With each new change, more demand and, possibly, more investments.

A new professional landscape.

The heating of the real estate market also generates a new demand for professionals: even more connected and willing to see the opportunities. Now, instead of being just an appraiser, the real estate professional is a true consultant, who informs, facilitates and guides, in the most clear and didactic way possible, his clients about the opportunities of the Portuguese market.
This profile, for example, is the same as that of Entreparedes professionals: people with deep technical knowledge, but who have qualities that integrate and differentiate them. If you, for example, wish to have a new experience or identify with our challenges, take this opportunity:

After all, if the world has changed, you too have everything to change. For the best.

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