Works of art and decoration: transform your home into a gallery.

Art has always been one of the most important expressions of human feelings. But they also represent a historical period, question situations and society itself and are even capable of generating reactions such as commotion, disgust, joy, etc. And because they are so versatile, they are an important item of decoration. For this reason, Entreparedes researched some tips on how to incorporate artistic works in the decoration of your home.

Real value, sentimental value, representative value.

A song, a painting, a sculpture, a photograph and even graffiti on a wall. All of these items can be considered works of art and have different financial and sentimental values ​​for each different person. However, just as in the real estate sector, as Entreparedes professionals, who carefully evaluate a property (, there are people and technical data to certify the authenticity and, with that, the financial value of an artistic work . This assessment is important because many people invest in art and turn every wall in their home into an impressive exhibition.

If that’s your idea, remember: the vast majority of pieces need to be highlighted. If you have one that you consider superior, whether for your personal or professional evaluation, set aside a place where it can be appreciated in all its beauty. Another factor of attention is that, some paintings or photographs, tend to change their color by continuous exposure to light. And that must be taken into account when choosing where to accommodate your work of art.

A decoration. For the ears.

If music is your favorite artistic form, although it is not seen, it can directly influence the decoration of your home. The first factor is whether you love to collect records or musical instruments. Exposing your collection, with a certain emphasis, helps to create an environment with more beauty and, mainly, personality.
But that’s not all: listening to the sound of your favorite artists today is a unique experience. And the decoration can help to create the perfect environment for this: speakers integrated into the rooms, amplifiers and acoustic planning of the environment allow greater immersion or reverberation of the sound.

On the other hand, if the artist in question is you, if you have a band or play an instrument, the best idea is to invest in sound insulation and space for you to rehearse and have fun. On the Entreparedes website there are several properties for sale or lease, with space for you and your art. Check it out:

A movie house.

The seventh art also deserves an important place and is not restricted to just one room to watch movies or your favorite shows. All objects, from movie posters to replicas of awards given to actors, can be inserted in the composition to highlight the cinema. You can place cinematographic references in the living room, create an entire decoration based on a film style and even make references in one or the other detail to your favorite filmmaker.

And, as we are talking about cinema, the TV or projector deserves special attention: invest in devices that generate more color fidelity and in a good audio system. Thus art will be the best expression of feelings and, also, of your good taste.

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