Versatility for decoration.

Changing is always good. Transforming the home, in a way, influences our life, family dynamics and our well-being. But in times of isolation, how to have a new decoration in an easy, simple and low-cost way? One of the simplest ways is to opt for the versatility of furniture and environments. A trend that is growing stronger every day.

All in one.

Modern life is accelerated. And optimizing time is essential for our day to day. With that in mind, several industries have created utensils that are all in one: food multiprocessors, refrigerators that connect to the internet, etc. And this type of functionality, nowadays, can also be seen in the decoration, in rooms that perform multiple functions: rooms that become offices, rooms that are integrated into the kitchen. The versatility is in the integration that makes life different and fun.

The concept of the blank screen.

One of the ways to change the home decor, spending little, is to choose a decoration that has the concept of blank canvas, which we have already mentioned a few times: A room has the entire base of decoration in neutral colors. What can vary constantly are the complementary pieces: paintings, pillows, blankets, rugs, curtains. These objects can change whenever you want, making the decoration completely transform in a few steps.

More design. Less spent.

Sometimes, versatility is a matter of style. And for that, the solution is not always to change a piece of furniture. Small renovations, a new color, a new upholstery have completely transformed it. The best: sometimes, you can even take the risk of making the renovation yourself, making the object even more personal and beautiful.

Tailored versatility.

If it is not possible to customize a piece of furniture, the solution is to tailor it. The versatility is in the option of being able to put all the necessary functionalities. For example: office furniture can have hidden drawers, living room furniture can hide cupboards, etc.

Now it’s time to use creativity and versatility.

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