Urban Jungle. Create your own forest.

Decoração Urban Jungle. com muitas plantas

Sustainability and respect for the environment have become global leitmotivs.
Initiatives that generate fewer impacts on nature are present in several social and economic segments, mainly in decoration.
And this trend is increasingly strong in the daily lives of the Portuguese. If the use of ecological materials was previously fundamental, this trend is now added to a new concept: Urban Jungle. And we will show how you can also adhere to this idea.

The forest comes to you.

People are increasingly interested in reconnecting with nature. Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more difficult in major European cities. In order to minimize this distance from the green, many decorators and architects decided to introduce green spaces in the apartments. This is how the Urban Jungle trend, was born.
The Urban Jungle consists of using natural materials, wood, straw, plants as main and recurring elements to fill the environments. Another definition is that this mode of decoration is an attempt to bring the outside world inside the apartments.

Create your own forest.

The main feature of the Urban Jungle style is its versatility. With some plants you can completely transform a simple space, whether living-rooms, rooms or even bathrooms. But what is interesting is to maximize and really have a space with many vases, with the most varied species. It is interesting to mix foliage, flowers and wooden furniture with tapestry. The most interesting is to create harmony and feeling of well-being.

For all of us.

The versatility of Urban Jungle is not only the ability to create new environments. All people, even those who are unfamiliar with plants, can venture. And this is because, in addition to be beautiful, taking care of a plant can be an excellent hobby in free time.
However, a tip: before creating your Urban Jungle style, get inspired by existing projects, choose the species that best suit your personal taste and your apartment. Check out those who like direct sunlight, those who need indirect light, those who need to be watered daily, etc. Thus, it is much easier to preserve nature to its style.

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