Summer decoration: how to benefit from the best season of the year.

Ambiente decorado bem iluminado

Just look at the rental properties on the Entreparedes website,
: houses or apartments with outdoor areas, at this time of year, tend to be valued. And the reason is quite simple: summer.
This station can change the way we are and even our address. But be aware that the stripping and joy caused by the sun can be replicated for other months. And the best: making your home even more beautiful.

Windows open for life.

Thinking about summer is automatically wanting to enjoy the sun and all the outdoors. But, how to bring that climate into the home? One of the most effective ways is to appeal to your senses: sight, touch and, especially, smell.
The beach climate or contact with nature is easily achieved, creating small special environments. A beautiful potted plant near the window, the application of synthetic grass on the balcony, as if it were a rug, or even using the colors dark blue, light blue, white and beige, a color palette always associated with the navy style.

To evoke the best season of the year through touch, one can abuse unusual materials in places that are also unconventional: how about creating an arrangement with shells to put in the bathroom? Or use sand and stones to create a different ambience or floor for a balcony or garden space?
Now, the most different: always when we imagine or talk about decoration, we almost immediately think of something visual. But there is another way to decorate without necessarily using vision to arouse the emotions of those who are or frequent a house or an environment: using smell.
Many stores have already realized this potential and have created characteristic smells for their brands. And that can be replicated for your home: how about investing in an ambient scent with a sea scent? Or an odor that refers to nature or freedom? This is an inexpensive and unusual way to bring some of the ocean close to you.

To shine.

What is the main attraction of the summer, regardless of the country? The sun, and it can also be the main attraction of your home. Therefore, try to value areas that have natural lighting. If this is difficult, remember: yellow and warm lights can be used to bring warmth and warmth. Using them in rooms and places for people to relax is an excellent option to get out of the commonplace.

Dive into this.

Summer, however, is only complete when we can cool off in a pool or on the beach. And if the pool is your family’s choice, remember: the surrounding area deserves all the attention. Choose for furniture that resists moisture and is practical and easy to clean. Reserve a space for food: a bar to place drinks or a side table for snacks is also interesting.

Now take our tips and enjoy.

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