Pets: how to reconcile decoration and well-being of our best friends.

Cats, dogs, birds and even fish. Pets are our best friends. And keeping them safe, warm and healthy is our responsibility. But how to reconcile the well-being of our friends and the beauty of our home? A few simple tips can make a big difference, in your life and theirs.

Always by your side.

Sometimes they come into our lives very early, still young. Others, they arrive unintentionally, even at a certain age, but it is indisputable: pets are our companions for a lifetime. Synonymous with loyalty, they accompany us on hikes, on trips and through every room in the house.

The love for animals is such that in countries like Japan, there are houses designed especially for singles and a cat. Although this is not the case for the Portuguese, opting for a bigger house when we receive a new member in the family is an option that is increasingly being considered. On the Entreparedes website there are several properties to rent or to buy with a yard and plenty of space for your friend. But, even if this is not an option, it is possible to combine practicality with the necessary comfort for each species.


Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world. Obviously, needs will vary depending on race and size. But some tips can be general:

 – Try, whenever possible, to delimit the area so that he can do the needs indoors. There is often no way to take him on the street. To help, you can try hygienic rugs, sprays to mark the space and even cones.

 – If necessary, install security gates to limit your friend’s access to some rooms.

 – At bedtime, especially in winter, choose quilted beds, but with materials that are easy to clean.


 – As popular as dogs, cats need specific comforts. They are born hunters and explorers. Therefore, incorporating toys with strings and corks into the decoration is a perfect distraction.

 – Do not forget to install security screens on the windows, in addition to preventing leaks, they guarantee safety, preventing falls from high floors.

For dogs and cats:

  – Rugs and carpets are not recommended, as they accumulate hair and are difficult to clean.

 – A good example for creating special places is to opt for furniture that integrates animals into the routine of the house, so that you and he will be even happier.

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