Patterned armchairs. Your home deserves a highlight.

Poltrona Colorida

Everyone has a favorite corner in the home decor. It could be a place near the window. A corner in the bedroom or that space on the balcony, perfect for resting. And there is a way to make it even more beautiful: with the patterned armchairs. An option that deviates from the conventional and highlights the best in your home.

To get attention.

Until recently, the armchairs were just a complement to the decoration of the living rooms. They had a lot of functionality, but almost no charm and design. For this reason, the most common were armchairs in basic and neutral colors.
But this time, thankfully, has passed. Today, we can see armchairs of all colors, with the lining of the most varied fabrics and the best: with several different prints.
Even the place where we put them has been changed. If before they were restricted to living rooms, they currently occupy TV rooms, and especially bedrooms, without any ceremony.

Boldness and joy.

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In many of them, a different chair, flashy and fun, stands out in the environment, giving a colorful touch to a minimalist room.
But this is not the only benefit: some armchairs have already become objects-desires of several decorators. The reason? This furniture is the style icon of several renowned designers and its restyling reaches the status of a work of art.
However, you do not need to go to a store to have an exclusive armchair: just a renovation or a new pattern on a piece of furniture you already have to transform your home.

Style and comfort tips.

The patterned armchairs give a touch of irreverence and beauty to any home. But to take advantage, you need to pay attention to some details that will help you to match the pattern with the furniture you already own.

  • The decor is very similar to fashion. The mixing of prints is a strong trend, as long as they have similar colors and / or themes. That is, you can combine the pattern of the armchair with that of the sofa and even that of the curtain.
  • Another option is to combine the color of the pattern of the armchair with the color of the wall. If you have only one colored wall, leave the furniture next to it to highlight the color or contrast.
  • The patterned armchairs generally have a different, modern design, drawing a lot of attention. If you want to highlight it even more, opt for neutral colored furniture.
  • Armchairs with different fabrics and prints tend to be a little more expensive than conventional models. So choose carefully. In addition to being beautiful, they should be comfortable and have a very long service life.
  • Still on durability, check if the pattern is easily combined with your home decor. This is the type of object that deserves good research instead of impulse purchases. With a little care your home will be even more wonderful.

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