Mirrors in the decoration: the reflection of your style.

Decoração com Espelhos

Enlarge environments, highlight strategic points, highlight a wall. Even in impressive buildings, such as the ones we know through Entreparedes, mirrors can add style and be one of the most versatile items in the decoration. Its usefulness goes far beyond showing our reflection. Whether in the living room, bathrooms or bedrooms, this simple item can be the highlight of your new residence.

Making the lighting brighter.

One of the most effective uses of mirrors in decoration is to highlight and improve lighting points. The mirrors reflect any and all light sources and this helps to make the environment lighter and even cozy. Try, for example, placing the mirror near a source of diffused light: the whole environment gains a new climate.

Keeping an eye on the reflection.

Mirrors are great allies to create points of prominence in any location. But deciding where to install requires special attention: what will be reflected in it? If it is a piece of furniture or an object without expressiveness, think about reviewing your planning. Is there no other place more efficient?

Make the frame a work of art.

The mirror is a precious item to create a new environment. However, its frame can also make a difference. Choose one that has synergy with the style of the environment. Another option is to use a different color in the frame, creating focal points on the wall.
But remember: frameless mirrors in their finish can also be modern and fun. They allow for infinite possibilities such as the creation of mosaics and bolder compositions.

Think about form and use.

Mirrors with decorative functions can also be used in everyday life. Especially if they are installed in bedrooms or bathrooms. Therefore, in addition to beauty, you should also assess the level of reflection. The less distortion the image has, the more faithful the reflection will be.
The size of the mirror and the height of your installation will also be important items for you to be able to make this object an ally in everyday life.

Put more beauty in your dining room.

One of the places where mirrors help most to transform an environment is in the dining room. Placing it near the dining table, in composition with the lamp, can enhance the beauty of space. Just a tip: be careful when installing. For greater harmony, the mirror should not reflect the people sitting at the table.

Now it’s time to take advantage of the tips and use your creativity: Entreparedes has several properties for purchase and rent, which, like the mirrors, will reflect your personality. Find out through our website and make an appointment with our brokers.

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