Industrial Decoration. The balance between rustic and at the same time sophisticated

Decoração Industrial

Metal, wires and exposed bricks, a climate that transitions between the rustic and the sophisticated, with straight line furniture that mixes two or more materials. The industrial style, every day, is gaining more followers. And it is not only in the decoration of houses and homes, bars, restaurants and the most modern stores have also adopted the style as a way of differentiation. And now, let’s give you tips on how to adapt your home to this new decoration.

Simplicity is the highest degree of sophistication.

The industrial style has gained supporters worldwide. It started in the 70s in New York when architects, designers and decorators went against the exaggeration and exaggerated luxury, so common at that time. Thus, ample spaces, apparent materials and, even with an aspect of much use, gained prominence in the decoration. Simplicity has become the main aspect, whether in straight line furniture or in the materials used.

Functionality and sustainability.

The industrial style is also a manifestation of sustainability in decoration. Instead of exorbitant expenses with covering walls or putting a more linear finish on the ceiling, for example, this trend values ​​keeping the structures on display, integrating imperfections into the decoration.
Another feature is the reuse of materials: demolition wood, metal lamps also help to make the look much more apparent.
However, an essential aspect of this style is to make life much more practical. Instead of a lot of furniture, choose only those that really have a strategic function. Remember: less furniture, more originality and planning.

Using the structure as a decoration object.

The industrial style, different from what many think, can be adapted to any type of property, including the hundreds of options of houses, apartments and commercial properties that are on the Entreparedes website, But some features can be used to give even more evidence to the style. A good example is the high ceiling, the distance between the floor and the ceiling. Putting pendant lamps with thick wires and only one or more lamps makes the room even more beautiful.
Another point is the floor: instead of prefabricated materials, the wooden floor, with natural wear and tear, has the necessary aesthetics to make your home even more beautiful and functional.

So, enjoy and make this style of decoration your lifestyle.

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