Grandmillennial. The new trend of decoration.

Grandparents have a lot of influence in our lives. Often, they are our link to the past and the bond of affection and affection with the family. But now, they are also conquering, until then, an unusual position: trend in decoration through the grandmillennial style, a novelty that has been attracting more and more attention from designers around the world.

The opposite of minimalism.

Since the 1990s, world culture, whether in fashion or decoration, has been inspired by minimalism: simple, clear lines, where functionality is sometimes more important than excess detail.

However, in recent years, some trends that use and abuse colors, shapes and details, have gained attention. An example is the Boho style, which we have already presented, right here, on Entreparedes’ blog. Now, however, there is a new possibility that, although modern, is inspired by the past, more specifically, in the cozy and meaningful decoration of our grandmothers’ houses: the grandmillennial.

A little bit of everything.

Often, when we enter our grandparents’ house, we see several objects that, despite not matching at first, are full of meanings and stories. This is the basis of grandmillennial decoration, which draws inspiration from the past and comfort, to create a harmonious and pleasant environment.

Unlike styles that are based on novelties, in the grandmillennial, vintage objects, which, preferably, are actually passed from generation to generation, are the highlights. It can be a vase, an armchair, a painting, etc. Anything that reminds you of your family is very welcome.

Florals, wallpapers, prints and more.

If, for example, in Scandinavian design, basic colors gain prominence, in the grandmillennial, floral prints, decorated wallpapers and different colors gain unusual mixtures. Everything can be used at once, without fear.

A good basis for inspiration are the prints used in the 60s and 70s. And they don’t have to be restricted to just pillows or wallpapers: carpets can also be fun references to follow the style.

It is not just decoration. It’s your memory.

If you like the Grandmillennial style, remember: although it is already a hit in decorating stores, it is very much based on affective memory. So, instead of looking for articles on the internet, a visit to the home of parents and grandparents can yield even more striking pieces. After all, affection will make everything more beautiful.

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