Gardens: the new trend of decoration.

Varanda com jardim

The year 2020 was atypical. We spent a lot of time indoors, isolated. As a result, the external areas started to be increasingly valued. Balconies, terraces and especially the gardens, have gained an important focus on decoration and life. And the best part: this trend will continue in 2021.

Integration between environments

Before, having an external space was a privilege. But life in cities, the pandemic and the growing proximity to plants, made each outdoor space to be used in a unique way. For this reason, countless families have chosen to change their address, leaving behind reclusive places and looking for green areas, which offer more freedom. On our website, you can see numerous options of houses and apartments with this characteristic, just enter
This change in behavior generated a real revolution in decoration. Classic furniture started to give way to rustic options and finishes with greater durability, which resist heat, cold and rain are much more valued. And what has always been considered an external part, now, is integrated into family life.

Between plants and ideas

Another characteristic that deserves to be considered is an increasingly stronger connection with plants. Having an area with natural flowers and leaves, besides being a hobby, is a resource increasingly used in home decoration. With this, the gardens started to gain more than special care: landscaping, careful choice of species and even irrigation systems are at the top of the priorities, at the expense of furniture and resources for indoor areas.
However, what draws the most attention is that, if before, these places were used only in certain periods of the year, now, they have become areas of coexistence, even in times of cold. And to make the right choice of outdoor furniture, follow the tips:

  • A well-kept garden can change and enhance a home: carefully choose plants according to natural lighting, sunlight, and the climate.
  • When buying furniture, choose those that have a weatherproof finish. And, despite the outdoor areas combined with a more rustic design, today, the gardens gain a touch of modernity with bolder shapes.
  • If this area is used, also at dusk, be sure to plan the lighting to create a cozy atmosphere so that you can always enjoy it.

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