Mistakes in decoration. What to do and not do to make your home more comfortable.

Ambiente decorado

Entering a new home or changing address means, for many, starting a new chapter. And now we give voice to our creativity and we use it to decorate the whole residence or just part of it. However, the will to transform opens precedents for small mistakes, which can compromise the beauty and functionality of your home. To avoid these mistakes, Entreparedes has compiled a list of situations that you should avoid when decorating your home.

Neither are all fashions timeless.

Shops, websites and decoration magazines always present the best trends. A new color for the walls, a new chair style, a new fabric for the curtains. But everything we see, in fact, does not fit our routine, home or lifestyle.

So, before you buy everything you found beautiful, rate: does this match with what I already have? Will this object remain beautiful and functional in a year? These simple questions are essential to validate what is good to do.

A matter of proportion.

Answer quickly: how many times did you make an impulse purchase or did you end up taking something from the house without there really being a real need? When it comes to decoration, impulse buying can be disastrous and not just financially. And the problem is in the proportions of the objects.

Impulse purchases are made without much thought and planning. On the moment, we buy furniture and objects completely outside the proportion of environments. Sofas too big, carpets too small, paintings that do not stand out in the decoration and even curtains that barely cover the walls. Again, if you buy something for your home, always have all the necessary measures in hand.

From artificial to natural

Currently, the concept urban jungle is in vogue. Several houses compose their decor with natural plants creating a rustic and sophisticated environment at the same time.

But to care for some species of natural plants, it takes time, will and patience. Have the will to water the flowers and leaves, care for them, fertilize them, etc. If you do not have these qualities, you must re-evaluate this decorative style. The decoration should bring functionality to your daily life and not be a reason for questioning.

All in the right time.

doing everything at the same time: maybe this is the biggest mistake of anyone who wants to decorate a new house. We are often in a hurry to leave a site with our personal style, but remember: the decoration is always based on what we want to do with a space and, if you changed quickly, this experience will remain incomplete. Wait. Your perception of an environment may change over the months.

With these tips and your personal style, your home has everything to be beautiful today and forever.

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