DIY. The most authentic decoration.

Pessoa fazendo trabalhos com madeira

Whether in a rented or purchased, fixed or vacation home, decorating a home can transform our experience of this accommodation. But beyond the furniture, the composition of the environments, there is something that is really indispensable for the decoration to be a success: the taste of the inhabitant. But how to give a personal and exclusive touch to the environment? Creating furniture, painting the walls yourself or creating a decorative object alone can be an interesting solution.

When ideas come true.

A lot of people say it’s easy to get ideas. It’s hard to turn them into reality. That’s why DIY is conquering more and more fans. With a mixture of life philosophy and creativity stimulation, many people choose to stop buying decoration products and invest time and learning by creating their own furniture and decorative objects.

The main advantage of this trend is the authenticity of the decoration. Another advantage is that with time and regularity, what was just curiosity becomes a hobby.

Start a new project. Life.

Many people want to build or venture into the world of DIY, but the lack of technique, tools or motivation, ends up distancing amateur candidates from their dream.

But this is starting to change gradually. With the success of various Internet channels, focused on decoration and that teach step by step various techniques, which made fear of making mistakes in the execution of the project, is now considered part of the process. In other words, even failure has its own value.

Occupy the living space and especially the spirit.

Of course, transforming an atmosphere with our personal touch is fantastic, but there is something even more precious and beautiful: the occupation of free time. Learning new things and developing manual work helps us to keep the mind always active and moving and can be a solution to break the routine.

Having a hobby also promotes the positive feeling of satisfaction. Ending each project is critical to recognizing that the initiatives have been successful and that we can always move forward.

Where do we start?

If you want to venture into the world of DIY, know that some tips can help you:
1 – Look for references to the furniture or objects you want to make.
2 – Always start with the simplest things.
3 – See the list of materials or method of execution in tutorials on the Internet or invest in courses.
4 – Always use safety equipment.
5 – Remember: always do things at your own time: the hobby should be a pleasure and not a pressure.

Now all you have to do is use your creativity and transform your home,

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