Decoration trends 2021 – How to adapt your home to the new year

Móveis de cantos arredondados com Plantas e vasos.

The new year always rekindles hope for a better world and renew our inspiraç s for a better tomorrow. And there is a way to materialize the good energies of the new year: redecorating the house. So, get ready for a much more colorful and cozy 2021 .

Moving house or moving house?

If 202 0 was an atypical year in almost everything, one thing, for some time, remains the same: the offers from Entreparedes, . Whether for lease or purchase, the market realized that, despite the apprehensive economy due to the pandemic, people and companies sought more mobility. And, even with the isolation, moving house was a very useful option.
However, many people chose not to change their address, so the idea was to change the decor. And the trends of 2020, light colors, use of plants and a lot of functionality to shelter new spaces, after all our home has become the place of work and study, now, appear redesigned. The best: everything is very easy to adapt.

Rounded corner furniture.

The straight lines of the industrial style are replaced by sofas with rounded corners. Round tables also tend to save space within homes.

Plants and pots.

Caring for plants indoors was a trend. Now, however, it is now a confirmation.
But in 2021, in addition to the species, the vessels gained prominence. He would prefer those made of natural materials , that have some craftsmanship or that have colors that stand out in the decoration.

Sustainability and welcoming.

Sustainability, which has been gaining prominence for years, whether in the streets of Porto and in national policies, is now inside our home.
In the form of construction go or in the materials of objects decoration, respect for the environment is the use of LAMP LIFE of intelligent and raw material that generates more comfort and warmth to every room. Making the whole environment more complete and unique.
Now it’s time to plan, if I breathe and wait for a much more beautiful and better 2021 .

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