Boho style. Various influences for a unique beauty.

Jovem em casa decorada boho

For a while, the world and decor were dominated by Scandinavian style: sober colors, cozy materials, minimalism. However, with the success of the so-called urban jungles, true forests inside apartments, and with the growing mix of trends for globalization, the Boho style, a short name of the English word Bohemian, gained strength not only in social networks and is, every day , making it even more successful in Portuguese homes.

Naturally sophisticated.

Defining a specific origin of the Boho style is very difficult. This trend is based on the creative mix of countless other aspects: vintage, country, ethnic, hippie.
But if we could define its main aspect it would not be a place, but a social network: Pinterest. The application, which is very successful among designers, architects and young people, became a large and global showcase of this style, which is based on materials in the use of natural, hence the similarity with plants, and a lot of creativity. Just a little research is enough to come across several photos that serve as a reference and inspiration to decorate a house or an apartment, like the ones on the Entreparedes website:
Rustic and contemporary.

The Boho style is surprising because it unites two trends in harmony that may seem at first glance, disconnected: the rustic and the modern. If, on the one hand, we see furniture with cozy shapes, without defined lines, on the other hand the use of colors denotes an interesting and fun modernity. Even using neutral colors as a basis, the touches of colors, sometimes vibrant, sometimes different, make any environment more sophisticated and bolder. Another interesting feature is the mix of prints. But always respecting similar and complementary tones. And the union of different patterns can happen even in the most unusual places: on the blankets on top of a sofa, on the different pillows on top or even by the composition of two or more completely different rugs.

Straws, leather, wood and attitude.

The Boho style is also quite eclectic when it comes to the materials used. Natural straws, leather and wood help to create an atmosphere that refers to the comfort without, however, stop being creative. You can choose to place a fabric rug on the walls and a straw mat on the floor. Place wooden furniture, but with leather finishes, etc. The important thing is not to be afraid to unite different aspects.

Planting a new look.

Finally, another important trend in boho decoration is to associate nature with your style. And the most usual way of doing this is through plants. Using them as a decorative object has numerous advantages, but remember: they require care and require minimal planning of where to place them. Now, just mix your creativity with this trend to make your home even more beautiful.

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