Bathrooms: a new style to the most intimate space of the house.

Casas de banho: um novo estilo para o espaço mais íntimo da casa

When we talk about decoration, we usually mention collective environments such as bedrooms, living room or dining room and outdoor areas. However, there is a charming space in every home that deserves, and a lot, the attention of decorators and architects to gain more beauty: the bathrooms. The best: you can take some of these tips and get inspired.

Privacy and sophistication

If you look on the Entreparedes website you can see houses and apartments with one, two or even more bathrooms. However, no matter the quantity: this is one of the most exclusive rooms in the house and the one that can most represent our personality. However, for the vast majority of people, it is a space where functionality is more relevant than beauty. But is this premise necessary?
Nowadays, decorators are increasingly attentive, choosing furniture and coverings that guarantee more sophistication, charm and, at the same time, practicality when cleaning daily. But there is no need to be an expert to know that, with small changes, even your bathroom can take on more sophisticated looks. Just use creativity and simplicity:

Mirrors – Despite being a differentiated environment, the same rules of decoration can be applied in this space. If you want the feeling of a bigger space, opt for light colors and place the mirrors in strategic places. But a detail: in the bathroom, mirrors have a very specific function. If necessary, add more than one.

Plants – Some species of plants adapt very well to closed and humid environments. That is, the bathroom is also a great place to have one or more vases with ornamental species. The tip is to pay attention to the size of the potted plants.

Lighting – Lighting in the bathroom requires special care. Is this where you do your skincare? Do you dress up or make up in this environment? If so, bet on special lighting, to facilitate your daily care.

Wood vs. moisture – one of the biggest decorating myths is that wooden furniture and bathrooms don’t match. However, nowadays, with special treatments, this material can provide a friendly and cozy atmosphere.

So, write down the tips and invest your creativity in this very special environment.

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