Sustainable architecture. Because uniting ecology and beauty is fundamental for the market.

We are seeing a very worrying scenario: forests, all over the world, being destroyed by the action of man and fire. Polluted rivers and tributaries and a considerable decrease in green areas. However, in an opposite movement, cities and people have increasingly decided to preserve urban green areas and integrate the life of the metropolises with sustainability actions. And this trend is also reflected in the architecture of the new housing constructions. However, more than a style, this reoccupation is becoming, more and more, essential for success in the market.

It all starts with a seed.

Live in green surroundings, but with all the convenience of a large urban center. This is the ideal life of big cities. But for a long time, this scenario was an impossible idea. The vast majority of cities grew in order to favor housing, trying to minimize a housing deficit, common worldwide. And, for that, the green areas, for centuries, gave space to buildings and houses.

But, with the growing concern with the nature and health of the planet, the green areas began to regain their space in the city and in the ideal life of several Portuguese families. And this change in mentality was reflected, mainly in architecture and in the real estate market.

Green as a raw material.

Currently, all new projects, whether residential or commercial, have at least one or more sustainability items, be they lamps with presence sensors, solar energy plates, water saving resources and even green areas within the project, like woods, parks and gardens. This can be seen in a quick survey of our properties, on the Entreparedes website,

But, until two decades ago, this attitude was unthinkable. First, because the concern with the climate and nature was not so present. Then, because these items were articles found only in high-end properties.
But today, in addition to being necessary, they are differentials that can determine the purchase decision. Which has made architects and buyers much more connected to solutions that preserve the environment in some way. Thus the concept of sustainable architecture was born: when housing solutions are integrated with preservation solutions.

Planting recognition.

And sustainable architecture is transforming the real estate brand, because in addition to doing good to the planet, they also offer fruits in relation to investments. The projects, as a whole, are the most sought after by a large portion of the population, which increases the profitability of investors.

So, when buying your property at Entreparedes (, think about your well-being and the good for the planet.

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